The idea behind the project started three years ago. We were setting plans in SUNA on how to rectify the image of Sudan in international media. The idea was to produce films and documentaries on some of the landmarks and institutions in the country, i.e. The University of Khartoum, the Gazira Agricultural Project, the Sudanese Army and Sudan’s support for African liberation Movements and through them provide a just and genuine image of Sudan.

The encyclopedia was first announced during the Second National Conference on Media Issues, held in June 2014. It was within the paper presented by SUNA for that conference. The paper was a result of discussions and scrutiny by specialized committees and preparatory workshops of the same conference. Sudapedia was registered as a business name, carrying registration No. 92971, dated 6 November 2014, upon the approval of the Council of Ministers, reference its letter of 6/4/5/l/1/أع dated  27th October 2014, pursuant to the correspondence of the Minister of Information, in his letter no. 1/9 p/! g , dated 16th of October 2015.

The actual implementation steps started with securing the domain names, at the same time as designing of the programs and software for handling the contents of the encyclopedia. The requirements of the project were studied and submitted.  A specialized committee was set up to study all the details related to the project, its description and final shape. A date was set for launching the project to coincide with the new presidential term, in June 2015.

The encyclopedia comes in direct implementation of one of the main objectives of Sudan News Agency (SUNA), as its Establishment Order for the year 2007, stipulated the need to create and develop an Information Research Center which will be the most important source of information for the State. The center is to be consulted on various events. This was based on the fact that SUNA Information Center used to lead others in all competitions related to information and data organized by the National Council for Press and Publications.

The development of the center for information, data and research comes in response to the requirements of the revolution in technology and communications and their impact on the media field. The encyclopedia will contribute to a great extent to serving all the activities of the agency, with regards to cementing the concepts of unity of National Ranks, fostering the bonds of internal front and safeguarding Sudan's values and interests, in face of the organized, hostile and politicized foreign media.

This encyclopedia is a real genuine and disciplined launching pad to spur Sudanese scholars and experts to stand side by side, for re-writing the history of Sudan. The Scholars and experts are expected to bring to the public attention many of the unknown, but equally important, events that took place on Sudanese soil. They are expected to give prominence to the leading role played by the Sudanese people and their contributions to human civilization.

The encyclopedia is also intended to orient research and studies with a view to identifying resources and potential of this country and the possibility of utilizing them to create a better future. The scholars, academics and experts will work to reveal what stands behind this huge attention Sudan, its people and lands, have been receiving since long times ago. Their approaches in handling these issues will be independent and professional.

By implementing this project, Sudan News Agency SUNA hopes that it will complete the cycle of its specialization in news making, by linking the past of Sudan with its present and future. 

The encyclopedia is hoped to be an essential source of information, outdoing all other sources which are registered by the internet search engines. It is also expected to be a genuine reference for all Sudanese news stories, in line with the decision of the council of ministers NO 141 for 2015. SUNA also hopes to help restore confidence and trust of the Sudanese people in themselves, in their homeland, its history and its bright future. It is also hoped the encyclopedia will help increase the awareness of the Sudanese of the threats and risks that surround their country, driven sometimes by envy and sometimes by greed of all overt and covert enemies of the country who exploit the open space and uncontrolled environment in social media.

To this one can add that Sudapedia is hoped to provide the free international Wikipedia, one of the most important sources of news in today's world, with fresh and accredited information about Sudan.

With cooperation and mutual support, this encyclopedia will know no despair, nor is it going to see any failure. Each individual has multiple chances for success in life, if provided with the right support and backing, that help him make the right choice. The Sudanese society and its individuals are capable of scoring every success. This is something innate in this society; a society inculcated in carrying out good deeds.